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Rodent Control Adelaide – Rats and Mice

Homemasters Pest Control team are always on hand to help with rats and mice problems.  Experienced and thorough, we’ll inspect your home and implement a complete pest control solution to rid you of these unwanted visitors.


Rats and mice Warning Signs

Rats and mice, sometimes referred to as rodents or vermin, are a common pest in Adelaide’s Southern Suburbs.  They spread disease and can gnaw through, wood, cables and plastic to damage your home.  The tell-tale signs of mice or rats are small brown droppings and a strong smell which emanates from their urine. They can also be heard scurrying around at night in the roof space. Don’t ignore the warning signs, rats and mice breed quickly and a small problem can turn into a large infestation if left unattended.


Integrated Rodent Control Solutions

Thankfully, the team at Homemasters Pest inspections can quickly rid your home of rodents with bait boxes and/or dusting.  Our integrated pest control solution covers all bases; so, we’ll locate and seal up entry points, eradicate the rodents and give you expert advice on how to help prevent future infestations.  With our specialist chemicals and equipment, local knowledge and expert advice, the professionals at Homemasters Pest Control can be relied upon to safely and effectively rid you of rodents!

Possum Removal Adelaide

Homemasters Pest Controllers are experts in managing and removing Possums.  Unlike rodents, Possums are a protected species in South Australia so need to be caught rather than killed.  They are nocturnal animals and can be heard scurrying around at night, and just like rodents, they leave small brown droppings.  If you suspect you have possums, you need to call in the experts.

Possums are social creatures and rarely live alone, so you’ll rarely have just one.  As we can’t bait and kill the possums, we need to set up non harmful traps to capture them.  Our experienced pest controllers know where to locate your traps to get the best results and will release any captured possums in line with the state regulations.

Rodent & Possum Control Adelaide

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