Termite Control

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If you’ve got a termite problem, you can count on Homemasters to sort it out.  With over a decade in the pest control business,  we offer a range of tried and tested termite treatments and protection systems to ensure we eradicate the colony and protect you from future infestations. 

Termite treatments

Our experienced pest controllers will come and thoroughly inspect your home to implement a complete termite solution. They will assess the likely entry points and the extent of the infestation.  Then they will work with you to advise you on the best course of action and best treatment plan to suit your individual circumstances.  Our termite treatment plan is fully integrated so we will look at the complete lifecycle and ensure we wipe out the termites, the colony and the queen as well as advising you on how to protect yourself against further infestations.

Termite Control

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Termite Prevention

Unlike other ants, white ants (termites), don’t come to the surface where they can easily be seen.  Instead, they live underground and use mud tubes to travel above ground.  Termites are highly organised creatures and just like ants, they carry food back to the nest to feed the other termites.  Once inside your home, they move around unseen inside your walls and floors, eating the timbers from the inside out.  Because they can cause so much destruction in a relatively short time it’s vital to ensure that your home is protected. Our expert pest controllers will advise you on the main termite prevention options which are barrier methods and bait stations.

Termite Barriers

Since around 1995, all new homes in South Australia have been built with a physical termite barrier around the perimeter of the slab (where the slab meets the soil) and any pipe penetrations; this physically prevents termites from entering the home.  For older homes without the physical barrier, a liquid soil termite treatment can be used.  The perimeter of the home is sprayed with a special chemical barrier. Our expert technician will advise you on the best barrier to suit your circumstances.  We can use a repellent barrier but tend to favour a non-repellent barrier which not only kills the termite but can help eradicate the colony.  The non-repellent barrier impregnates the termite with a slow release chemical which stops the termite from feeding.  As the chemical does not immediately kill the termite, when it returns to the nest, it will infect the whole colony.

Termite baiting Systems

Termite bait systems or bait stations are inground around the perimeter of your home at three to four-meter intervals.  The bait station is then filled with a special baiting mixture which the termites will feed on. The bait is not toxic to humans or pets but is lethal to a termite.  The baiting mixture does not kill the termite immediately, so they are able to carry the food back to the nest and contaminate the rest of the colony. 

Termite Control and inspections Adelaide

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